Amy Ashfakh is a Tri skilled technician in Aesthetics, Microblading and Makeup artistry. She also has a background in medical field with a 10+ years of experience working as medical assistant, licensed practical nursing School,  surgical assistant,and medical aesthetician in the Industry of Cosmetic surgery. Ms. Ashfakh has always had a passion for skincare, beauty and fashion. After receiving her Associate degree in fashion Merchandising & Management, she decided to pursue a career in aesthetics. She received her Aesthetic license in 2013 from AVI Career Training, VA.

While working and training with plastic surgeons, her passion for learning more advance techniques grew and motivated her to learn about permanent makeup. She attended Deluxe Brows Microblading by Aleksandra Maniuse in San Diego, CA one of the very first company that introduced manual permanent makeup treatment and products in the US,UK,Australia,New Zealand,Romania,Lithuania and Italy.

Ms. Ashfakh likes to use the pigments produced by deluxe brows, which is formulate in a medical laboratory in France. It is single dose, medical and sterile pigments for microblading which contains propanediol as a main preservative, and lactic acid as a PH balance.



Emily is a native Arlingtonian, beauty aficionado and stealth tattoo collector who firmly believes that both makeup and tattooing are powerful mediums to enhance personal appearance. Cosmetic tattooing artistry is the perfect intersection of both of her passions. After extensive research on the technique she attended a workshop to learn the European style art of microblading. This initial instruction was complemented by her attendance at the Esthetic Institute where she received her certification in Permanent Makeup.